“It was our annual “sister’s weekend” and we had a total blast that day. We each made a gorgeous glass plate to take home as a keepsake and enjoyed yummy foods exploring the neighborhood restaurants!”

Mariel, Portland, NH

“Dorothy Hafner is a consummate professional who understands the nuances of teaching. She communicates effectively and clearly. Her style of art and teaching motivates one to be more creative and adventurous.

I learned a tremendous amount during a three day class. As an art teacher, I am familiar with color theory, layering and etc.  Dorothy Hafner taught me more about color palettes, how to harmonize colors and how to go that one step further in those three days than I learned in past college courses.

Dorothy Hafner is both an outstanding artist (I am a great admirer of her artwork) and a wonderful teacher. A combination not always easy to find, but very much appreciated.”

Shari B. Milford, PA

” I took Dorothy’s 3 day workshop in 2015.  From the start, we explored new and novel ways to do fused glass, beginning with inspiration from art work we loved. Dorothy gave great help and guidance along the way, but we all produced our own unique pieces.”

Judy McCourt, Bellingham, WA