With Dorothy Hafner, a leading American glass artist,

in her expansive SONO studio.



A Glass Fusing Experience – 2-hour introduction

Join the excitement. See all the steps of the glass fusing process and learn glass cutting. Then make your own glass plate or hanging sun catcher in sparkling colors. A great activity to share with friends, family and for corporate team building events.


Glass Pendants – 2 hour Jewelry Making Workshop

We supply the ingredients, you bring the creativity!  Make your own pendant necklaces.  Bails and cords included or bring your own chains.


Color, Color, Color! – 1-day workshop

Explore glass fusion with an emphasis on design and creative color applications. Students choose from over 60 transparent colors that can be overlaid to create unique tints and tones.  Precision glass cutting is taught. Lively critiques and group discussions round out the experience.

The Elements of Inspiration – 3-day intensive workshop

Hafner’s “visual brainstorming” exercise launches the program, providing students with steps and methods for creating their own dynamic designs with lively color play and personally meaningful abstractions in fused glass.

All steps of the process are covered including Hafner’s precision glass cutting techniques and kiln firing methods. Critiques and group discussion round out the experience.


Design, Inspiration and Realization – 6-week workshop

Drawings, paintings and words are used as creative springboards. Students learn Hafner’s exciting methods for harvesting from their own imaginations and areas of interest. The dynamics of design, color and line are fully explored as well as the language of abstraction.

Choose from over 60 colors in thick and thin gauges to mix, match and overlay to create your own tints and tones. Students can choose from a variety of design projects offered or invent their own.

Demonstrations, one-on-one critiques, lively group discussion and print handouts round out the program.